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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

5 Questions on a Thursday Morning

It's 8:29 AM by my watch and I have been in office for the last 15 minutes. Among the various chosen swear words directed at job, people etc are 5 questions in my mind:

1 - Where will my next vacation be? (This question is just always there, H will vouch for it. I am just always planning my next trip away.)

2 - What else can go wrong today? (I think everything did yesterday... but there just might be something that chooses to surprise me today)

3 - Would it be totally improper to take a swing at someone I really don't like today? Even if it's my co-worker / flunky / neighbour / dog?

4 - Is it time to move out of the city in the plains finally? (The city by the sea offer by H is tempting...)

5 - Should I go back home, get back in to bed and sleep till 3 in the afternoon?
5a - As an alternative, can I just curl up under my desk and sleep till 3?

- I (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)


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