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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Alternate career choices

My days are schizophrenic and multiple-personality-disordered. Today it was my Thursday that completely got confused and did a Friday! Now, will someone please take my days to task and drill it in nice and good that a Thursday, or a Wednesday for that matter, is NOT a Friday. For good measure, the same lesson needs to be drilled into Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday as well. And Friday can be taught to be a Saturday once in a while... or is that asking for too much?

Coming back what I am trying to do here... Considering how my day went today, the chances of me getting chucked out of my job is a more distinct possibility than ever. So, if and when I do get my notice, what can be my alternate career choices?

1) I am good at washing cars and bikes. I offered DK my car-washing services today, so maybe I can offer it to others as well for a competitive price and make a living out of that. As my USP, I can declare that I wash only imported cars.

2) I am a decent enough rider and driver... err, of bikes and cars I mean. Maybe I can offer my chauffeuring skills? And the USP could be just right driving during non-peak hours and highly entertaining driving during peak hours, considering all that I have to say to fellow citizens on the road.

3) I could become a guide in Ladakh or Manali and give out K's shack for a B&B (Bed and Breakfast, for the more imaginative minds). Maybe I can buy him all the ciggys he smokes to make up for the generous use of his shack. USP would be the stream that flows behind the house and the apple and grass / dope orchard in front. I will even throw in my super d-uh dog for company and the two-bit kitchen.

4) I could keep H's accounts and plan her trips (both of the mind and of places). My USP here is that I have done it for every single trip we have ever been on, so I have a lot of experience as well. You ok with that, H?

5) I have 10 fingers still left, after I got one mutilated in the mountains the last time around. I can go around the country sticking them in various bus and car doors, get them mutilated, sue people for disfiguring me and earn pot-loads in grievance settlements. USP? For precisely these circumstances, God gave me 11 fingers. *big grin*

6) I can continue writing, rambling, raving, ranting on this blog and maybe some generous soul who also happens to be a hot-shot publisher in some fancy publishing house like Penguin or Random House or Bantam, will come by it and will fall in love with all of it and me and offer me matrimony (soon after followed by a hefty alimony) and a million-dollar writing contract.

Sigh... now that I am done considering my wildest dreams, reality and work bites. I am headed back to my corner of the cyber world that represents 5 years of one job.

- I


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