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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

As a matter of men...

It's an age-old mystery, in the same league as the Sphinx, Bermuda Triangle, UFO sightings and H's kinky hair. Many brave women have gone forth to solve it only to be mercilessly sent back without an answer. It's a question that every woman I know has asked atleast once - Where are all the eye-candy, letchable, put-agianst-the-wallable men?

And all of us are sure of one thing, they are in none of the cities we are in. City on the plateau, where I live, doesn't seem to have had any in the last decade or more since I started noticing the other gender. Umsy swears Delhi is full of pasty Punj men. H gave me a lowdown of the 'cute' men in her previous job, but I suspect her city by the sea might just have the 2 1/2 good-looking men in the country, purely because it's the glamour capital.

Maybe it's to do with age as well... The few males that we would term a dish aren't in the same age bracket. Consider the Daniel Radcliffeses or Richard Geres of the world. Or worse, they are completely wrong or utterly unattainables or both, like H's Mr Big.

When it comes to eye-candy, letchable, put-agianst-the-wallable men, what we (and 'we' is my species, the female Homo Sapiens) say, seems to be the biblical truth - All good men are either taken or gay.

- I


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