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Friday, November 18, 2005


Another week has come, gone and ascended to heaven. It's been a week of contemplation on probable job offers and its repurcussions, hectic days in office and one evening of loud Bollywood music and lots of vodka. On one day I was convinced I am on my way out of Bangalore, the next not so much so. And today, not at all. It just seems like a distant possiblity.

And the moutains seem even more so, any way I look at it. There are people like DK and Joy who need their daily fix of alcohol. I am not that greedy, just an annual fix of the moutains for a whole year is all I look forward to. H had put it very nicely once, that we get through 11 months in civilization in the greed for that one month in the mountains.

I am always amazed by how easily I manage to get into the groove of life in Manali. Two days after I get there, I am catching up with everyone from the subzi walas to the aunty in the bakery with the best apple strudle in the world. And then there are Sheenu and Shannu, my adorable babies. Of course, there is also all the gossip that I get to catch up on - in the village, in the bazaar and in Burua (that has all the studs - or technos as they are called there - in the Kullu valley).

Oh! the sense of style of the Burua boys has to be seen to be believed! They have, for reasons best known only to them, decided that the Israelis have cracked the fashion code for the decade. So, loose, almost-falling-off jeans worn at knee level, with heavy, vague jewellery is the order of the day. But that does not somehow diminish any of their charms.

Ask H, she had a massive crush on a para-gliding pilot, Meharchand who offered to teach her skiing as well. Or the olympian Hiralal who is the skiing god in India who bought me a beer once. Best Godfather beer I have ever had. *Dhad dhad dhad*

*BIG sigh* A bad day in office always makes me miss the mountains. That's when I look at the Chandertal image and pomise myself I will be back.

- I


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