Happily Unmarried

Monday, November 07, 2005

H and I

We share the same surname, loads of people think we are sisters or at least related. Might even be true considering some strain in our blood comes from the same village. We went through 3 years of college without realising each other's existence. And then came a few firsts - job, man (for one of us), trek, time in the mountains and now, we are almost alter egos. We sing the same songs, go on the same singlehood tangents, dream of the same places, plan and go on holidays together... the only difference is now we live in different cities - I, in the plains and she, by the sea. And this, we hope, will be our common space to share current personal / professional woes, plan trips to the mountains and exotic destinations, crib about the lack of eligible men, panic about dying as spinsters (in floral singlets, with a cat on our laps and crochet bags on our arms) and everything in between.
- I


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