Happily Unmarried

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Here, there, everywhere

Prini, Shuru, Aleo, Hampta, Juara, Sethan, Stok, Changspa, Phey, Lamayuru, Sarchu, Darcha, Koksar, Keylong, More Plains, Tanglangla, Diskit, Hunder, Batal, Chatru, Chanderatal (!!!), Kunzum, Losar, Kaza, Kyi, Kibber, DHAD, Sumant, Solaris, database, app server, NB voting, game, ad sales, targets, incentives, dumb flunky, dumber flunky, dumbest freak on planet, current man, ex-man, may have been man, will never be man, girlfriends, old friends, 'were' friends, birthdays, holidays, alternate realities, alternate careers, alternate jobs, alternate lives... Go figure!

- I
PS - All-over-the-place day at work. That should explain the above.


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