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Monday, November 21, 2005

Hot, Hotter, Potter

I manage to post once to I’s three posts, but usually make up with my sheer rambling length. However, for now, life and its many woes can wait. Harry Potter is the flavour of our lives. I am in love with Harry, and she with Krum. Like she’s already written, a lot of detailing is lost in the movie; the Triwizard Tournament hogs all the reel time.

But for diehards like us, it hardly matters. We’ve already seen the rushes and Director’s Cut in our heads and can picture the bits you don’t see on screen.

But in the movie, Harry – Daniel Radcliffe - is enormously lust worthy. He’s the kind of guy who grows up, breaks your heart many times over and makes you swim in your own drool by doing absolutely nothing. Before someone informs the Cyber Police of a pedophile lurking in these parts, I’ll sign off with a picture. That should tell you why a 26-year-old is smitten by a boy 10 years younger.


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