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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I, Alive

I am alive! Thanks to a cop who yelled at the right time, thanks to my bike that can't go beyond 50 kmph, thanks to Bangalore roads that won't let you go faster than -5 kmph, thanks to the decent brakes of a truck and the truck driver who wasn't 3 pegs down early in the morning.

I had a close scrape with the front of a truck this morning on my way to office. And when I say close, I mean about 3 cms apart. And why did it happen? Well, for the uninformed, at this point in time, the roads in Bangalore look like Godzilline (yes, Godzilla's mate) went on a rampage through the city while she was PMSing badly. All BMP engineers, I suspect, are quack surgeons who weren't allowed in OTs so decided to lay out the innards of Bangalore roads for the world to see, trip over, get lost and die in.

The couple of roads that are still in a decent condition, stick out like the ugly black moles sported by '80s Bollywood villians. You can't help but want to pluck them out. And if any BMP official even gets wind of a nice road anywhere in the Bangalore Urban district, you can be sure it won't be nice anymore.

Got digressed ranting... Coming to how I am still alive, a truck was on a cross-country rally at Anand Rao Circle and I was desperately trying to steer my two-wheeler to less crater-ed parts of the road. In the confusion, the truck hit the back of my two-wheeler, but managed to stop at that and not run me down. But there is a twist to that, a cop who was close by was trying to stop the truck and that's why the driver was speeding in the first place.

End of the story - The cop swooped down on the driver, the crowd had their share of early-morning traffic jam entertainment and I am still alive.

- I


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