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Monday, November 14, 2005

I want to work in Google because...

- They have the coolest logo on the planet
- Their motto is "Don't be Evil"
- They give you one day a week to work on ANYTHING you like
- The average age of an employee is 27, so I won't feel like I am 3756 years old there
- They give free on-site haircuts and have on-site washers and dryers
- They have volleyball, foosball, puzzles, games, rollerblading (none of which I am remotely good at or even know how to play, but what the hell, I will have an option)
- They have colorful kitchens stocked with free drinks and snacks, bowls of M&Ms, lava lamps, vibrating massage chairs
- They allow employees to bring their dogs to work
- They have an on-site masseuse, and extravagant touch-pad-controlled toilets with six levels of heat for the seat and automated washing, drying and flushing without the need for toilet paper (wow! talk about Hot Seat?)
- They have people named Brin, Page, Kai Fu-Lee!
- Finally, what I think is totally super cool, employees are called Googlers! I want to be a Googler!

- I
PS: Check out this link. You will know why I am going goo(gle) goo(gle) gaa gaa


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