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Friday, November 18, 2005

Meet my Roadasian

We have a dog at home. It's not a bred, doggy-shows kind of dog. It's a Roadasian (Term credit: Bharati, who has two of these. Meaning: From the roads of Asia) and it just walked in one day and adopted us. And has slept on peacefully at our door and quietly but persistently become a part of our family.

I had not really been a great lover of dogs till this one walked in. And you can't really ignore this fellow. It demands affection and won't settle for anything but the truest. It's really quite d-uh and gets its rocks off by bullying the few people who actually let it bully them. Otherwise it's a complete chicken... it even lets stray cats eat its food and walk nonchalantly away!

It takes everything that happens in the family very seriously. When we have guests, they probably get the most enthusiastic welcome from that, guys especially so. Salesmen, beggars, Eureka Forbes men are all banned not just from our home, but from our street. It really is the happiest when there are 15 people at home and it can get petted by atleast 10 of them.

It doesn't have a name. All of us call it by any name that comes easily. So everything from sweety pie to baby to sweetheart to chikki and puttu goes. Like Umsy says, it's my mom's third kid. My elephant-crazy sister will run away to the forest one day and I will get lost on the mountains. So the only one left to give my mom company will be the dog, according to Umsy.

Hmm, might even turn out true considering the reception it gives my mom every evening when she returns. We can't generate half that much enthusiasm even when we meet each other after 3 months!

For now though, it makes coming home a active exercise and much more enjoyable than walking into an empty house. And on really boring Sunday afternoons it provides free entertainment and lots of TLC... well, TL, not C.

- I


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