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Friday, November 25, 2005

My boss, the senior management member

H is here for the weekend with Deepak. The all-new, branded Deepak in a peach-orange shirt, beige trousers, brown shoes, hair that behaves itself and stays in place... A Deepak none of us recognise from a month ago!

He is in a different dimension now - head of content and production of one of THE biggies in the internet space, jetsetting across India and planning trips all over the globe. He is in the news, he hob-nobs with the names to reckon in the internet, he is a member of the Senior Management, he has a laptop to kill for, he turns up in office at 9.30 every day, he doesn't have the time to surf Cnet and Slashdot and Shaadi anymore... and he has learnt the art of corporate dressing!! (Ok, that's thanks to his image consultant, Hamida, but still!)

And this is the same guy who had to be woken up at 8 if he had to turn up in office before 10. Yes, there were days when he was in office at 8.30, but that was thanks to the trafficophobia that Bangalore inspired in him. Many hours in office were spent drooling over the latest graphic card or headphone and analysing the pros and cons of many proposals on Shaadi.com. When it rained (which is 8 months a year in Bangalore), we would run up to the terrace to get drenched and if we were feeling particularly careless, make boats out of the pages of the company report.

Now... he is not my boss anymore but he is still H's. And yes, I envy her. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, I am still almost always bugging him on messenger about my panic attacks and the latest debacle here. So, I guess, in some vague, vicarious way, he still is my boss.

- I


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