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Friday, November 11, 2005

The new Producer

The Production team is all in place. There are four of us plus DK and we toasted the new team at Toto’s day before and for my part, I was prematurely thrilled that we make such a great team. And then reality bit. The fourth Producer joined yesterday and it took me half hour to decide not to like her. I know, I know. Very un-Buddhist. I should have looked harder for her Buddha-like qualities, but too late, my mind had signed, sealed and delivered the verdict. And I rather liked it.

She claims to understand everything from Java to stock markets and politics to telecom, parrots the last two words of every statement the bosses make in meetings, volunteers unasked for information and makes all the “right noises” like I says. To top it all, she cooed “bye, dear” to me yesterday before leaving. When I asked DK what he thought of her, he was at his corporate diplomatic best and said “she seems bright and enthusiastic”. I read that as “know-all and hyper.” Well, like I told I yesterday, I already see the makings of an older, thinner, smaller and marginally more sophisticated D, minus the oomph, mass and enticing wardrobe. I refuse to accumulate any more negative karma by bitching; let’s just call her the comic relief in my work life. I’ll just remember to take 387 deep breaths before every meeting now on.


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