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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Of cravings and such

Shyla had a craving for 'gooey gooey juicy gulab jamuns' today. She comes up with those every once in a while. At times, she wants to have 'baale ele oota' (traditional south indian meals on plantain leaves for the uninitiated) or the bland but yum pasta at Spigha. On rare ocassions she will crave for Bombay House chaat or Chinese grub at Mainland China. Mostly, the craving is just an excuse for us to go out for lunch, to get some fresh air and catch up on gossip away from the office crowd.

There are very few restaurants on or around Lavelle Road, Church Street, St Marks Road, M G Road that we haven't tried. We are lunch buddies, partners in office gossip, members of the Hate Dumb Flunky Union and founders of the Bad Kannada Jokes Club. She is older by a decade or so, but you would never guess that when we are on one of our giggling sessions. And you wouldn't believe it if you ever met her.

And now, she is moving to a different office next week along with the rest of her team. Will miss her, miss the afternoon walks (though that hasn't happened in the last 2 months), miss the lunch dates, miss going to her corner for a break from my freak team, miss the gossip-and-giggle sessions, miss bitching to her about Dumb Flunky, miss cracking bad Kannada jokes with her... I am sure we will be in touch. But coming to office every day just won't be the same.

- I
PS: The others - Pani, Sahoo, Subba, Mohan (in short, my personal entertainment committee) - are moving out as well. But other than Subba's occasional chocolates, Pani's biting sense of humour, Sahoo's brilliant imitations of people, Mohan's wisecracks, they don't really add value to my hours in office, so I am not particularly going to miss them.


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