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Monday, December 12, 2005

Accio Magic

I want a Pensieve.
For the Potter-illiterate, it's the basin in which Dumbledore saves his memories and thoughts that he wants to relook at later. A damn handy device, I guess, when there are too many things running in your head and you are not able to concentrate on any. Sure, I am not Dumbledore or Harry with worries of defeating Voldemort. But I could still use a Pensieve.

I want a Remembrall.
And not just a Remembrall that glows red to remind me what I have forgotten, but one like a Howler that vehemently keeps reminding me till whatever it is, is done.

I want a Broomstick / couldron / wand.
What's a witch without the paraphernalia. I should be able to fly, cast spells, brew mean potions, date Fred and George, maybe even Harry... I want to be a witch with the right tools. A Firebolt, a Phoenix feather or a Unicorn tail hair wand and a thick-bottomed couldron... Maybe even a nice dress robe from Madame Malkins. That would be just fine.

I want an owl.
A pure white owl which I will name Gube. When I can finally not afford to pay my phone bills - which will be in 3 days time - I will use Gube to send messages to and receive gifts from all relevant others.

I want an Invisibility Cloak.
I want to be there, hear everything, see everything but not be seen. I would especially use it on the days when I want to be far away from wherever I am, on the days when I am feeling totally unsocial. Just a swish of the cloak, I am gone!

I want the Marauder's Map.
It could warn me precisely what others are doing where so that I can escape in time. I will also be able to say cool things like, "I don't have any noble intentions" and "Mischief accomplished".

I want to learn to Apparate and Disapparate.
Consider all the airline bills I will be saving (I am not a jetsetter but two trips in two months means I am very broke). And the time! I could have disapparated from Bangalore on Friday evening and apparated in Goa / Mumbai and stayed there for the weekend and back to work on Monday morning. No money spent, no time taken.

I want to be able to transfigure.
Imagine the possibilities. I could be anything I want and no one would know I was even around! The second best thing to the invisibility cloak and perfect camouflage when I want to be part of the furniture.

I want to do cool spells like:
Expecto Patronum - Create a patronus that will drive away the dementors (literal and metaphorical). I would probably create a horse... a white stallion that will bear down on the dementors!

Ridikkulous - Ridiculous spelt wrong. But a perfect 'Ha!' to get rid of the Bogarts in my life.

Accio - Just call whatever I want... Accio pencil, Accio keys, Accio car, Accio bike, Accio Harry Potter, Accio Abhishek Bachchan. Endless possibilities.

Any more suggestions? Please tell me and will add them as well, with credit.

- I


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