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Friday, December 09, 2005

Birthday alarm!

Ping just happened! H turns 27 in two days time. Which means that I turn 27 in precisely 3 weeks' time! Damn, where have 7 years flown? I remember getting out of college at 20, joining Asian Age on a vague whim and then moving to current job on a vaguer whim. That was way back in the previous century, 1999. And now suddenly, they tell me it's 2006 and I will be turning 27!

Unlike many people I know, I am not panicking about getting closer to the big 30s. My problem is that I don't feel 26 yet, forget 27. Infact, I haven't felt 25, 24, 23 or 22 yet. I remember turning 21 on my then new job and feeling all old and responsible and all. That was on Jan 2, 2000. I seem to have gone into a time warp on Jan 3, 2000 and woken up just today.

What has happened in the last 6 years? Other than Hema, Chinu and Tariq among the people I know, almost everyone else is married. Some with babies on the way, some with one kid and a couple of them are in a different dimension with two kids. Umsy has gotten married, shifted to Delhi, quit the corpo life and is now preparing to move back to Bangalore. H has finally fallen out of love and into post-love lethargy with Bangalore and moved to Bombay. She even makes pongal now!

As for me, I got into and went in and out of one relationship for 3 years before finally letting go. I have discovered the mountains in a strangely intimate way, which only comes from living there. I am even contemplating moving to B'bay now, something I would have hated to consider even 3 months ago.

Only... I feel like all that happened over a couple of months rather than 6 years! I still have 3 weeks to prepare myself for my 28th year. I will start hacking nice and hard on the time warp that I am in and hope to be out by the time my b'day arrives.

- I


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