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Friday, December 09, 2005

Birthday wishlist

Call it a wishlist or a wishlful list, but here it is, two days before my 27th birthday. When I first got writing it, I couldn’t get past Cash and A house in Bandra. But it slowly grew. And grew. And grew some more. And I had to stop somewhere, so I picked 20, a number I left behind 7 years ago. Also, a twisted reminder that I am now in the last leg of 20s... Ok these statistics are largely pointless, but then, I see it as the sublime manifestation of some hitherto unknown age related panic.

Obviously, my Buddhist side is pretty latent if I have put together this shameless consumerist laundry-list of things that I want to own this year. Which also goes out to say that I plan to acquire some of these things through my own sweat, blood, tears and credit card while the rest are Big Hints For Certain People. Happy Birthday to me!

Note: List in alphabetical order; not in order of priority.

1. 65 litre Lowe Alpine/ North Face rucksack (Sigh… not available in India)
2. A House in Bandra (I hope my mom reads this)
3. A Swift (Even a Zen will do)
4. Bean bag (Leather or cotton. So that I don’t cook myself in it.)
5. Black sunglasses from CK (Uh… can’t describe it.)
6. Cash (Any amount is welcome)
7. Clothes from Anokhi, Cotton World, Omo, Fabindia or other places I like (Size: L or XL)
8. Compaq Laptop (Configuration on request)
9. DK’s Creative Zen Micro (Ok, this, I have to buy myself)
10. Free air tickets to exotic destinations (Europe, Far East, South Africa…) and a long trek in the Himalaya
11. Gift vouchers to big shopping malls
12. Gym membership (Annual. In Bandra)
13. Hair, skin and bath products from Lush (Not soaps and solid shampoos. They melt.)
14. Home linen and small furniture from Fabindia (for my house. Not me.)
15. Nice, interesting, assorted things (Go figure!)
16. Sexy lingerie (Errr… size… on request)
17. Silver or other interesting jewelry
18. Sony Cybershot DSC T3
19. Sporty/ bohemian big Hidesign bag
20. Victorinox 18 feature Swiss army knife (Mountaineer)

- H


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