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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


4 days - from Friday, Dec 2 to Tuesday, Dec 6

My first view of the city by the sea - an ocean of lights, could be Delhi, could be Bangalore or any other city really

My first thoughts after stepping out - Hot! People! Bad combination. (Coming from Bangalore which was freezing that day, B'bay felt like I had taken to season travelling)

My first evening - Peninsula, "Trainee journalism thingie" at Asian Age that I foot-mouthed with Neville, Sportsbar, loads of catching up PC with DK till H turned up, getting drunk more than I had in a long time, H's attempt to show me the sea at 1 in the morning, "Yahoo gulab jamoon" that H will rag me with for the next 5 centuries I fear, passing out.

My first Saturday - Felt like the guest of honour. Ravi played the perfect host, Hams ganged up with Hema and made a list of places and things I must do (eerrr, H, I don't think we did ANY of that), a relaxed lunch at Potpourri, crappy-but-funny-in-places movie Home Delivery, Toto's, late evening drive to town, down Marine Drive, drinking at Starlit Cafe and catching up on office gossip. Oops! Almost missed out mentioning the only time H attempted to show me that she could cook. She made Pongal, but that was the last time her stove saw a match for the rest of the time I was there. Still waiting for the promised anna-saru, H.

My first furniture shopping trip - Picture this... I am lazing around watching no-brainer music channels in the hopes of catching one of the Bluffmaster songs (I am totally, orgasmically in lust with Abhishek Bachchan), H walks in and declares we are off to some place or the other to pick up a cupboard for her. We piled on Oinks and Reuben and headed to Oshiwara and Jogeshwari. The rest of the morning went in checking out antique furniture, drooling over Sarat-Chandraish writing desks, cribbing about the heat, but finally picking up H's possession of pride. After a late lunch at Aaram, all I could do was get back home and pass out. The evening was spent over a sinful mug of Cafe Mocha and a late dinner at Oinks' new place that seemed like the outdoors after H's Wilmar Palace.

My first day at "work" - The only thing worth talking about for the day is that we passed Leelavati Hospital on the way to office, but I didn't see Abhishek Bachchan. "Work" for the day mostly involved associating faces to names, email IDs and voices that I have known for 3 years. The evening was the funnest though. I fell in love with Land's End. The dinner of pizza and beer over endless bitching about TV serials and office gossip, DK, H, Hams, DSeq, Anthony, Yogi... Purrfect Monday evening. Of course, how could I be in B'bay and not experience the trains? So, it was a crowded train ride back to Bandra and saying bye to DK, Yogi and Hams.

My last day in the city by the sea - Bad day at work, badder day on phone with my new boss. Was early at the airport, but the Kingfisher guys decided I need to stick around in the city by the sea a while longer. Was nostalgic about my time there already. Finally boarded the flight an hour late.

My last view of B'bay - The twinkling curve of Marine Drive from the air is something to fall in love with. Remembered how Hams puts it: "B'bay looks like the stretch from the airport to Peninsula. But it really is like Marine Drive or Land's End. The first is heart of B'bay but the latter is the soul."

My last thoughts as we flew away - B'bay wasn't half as bad as I feared it would be. I am not in love with it like how H is, but hope to see those places and people again soon enough - Land's End, Marine Drive, Sherley, Carter Road, DK, H, Hams, Yogi, Ravi, Anthony, Oinks... And maybe even live there.

- I


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