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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My life goes mmmm... zzzzzzzz

Mundane life goes on. It's been a completely boring rigmarole of coming in to office, battling egos and grand plans, freezing on the way back home with intermittent drinking and watching movies. The only noteworthy day was Saturday when we had the office annual party.

People actually turned up in the prescribed dress code - red! Drinking, dancing, food and gossip happened - in that order. But this year's party was no fun. There was no DK, there was no H, there were none of the entertaining people because on paper they are in a different company, so "sadly couldn't be invited" as our HR person explained. But I discovered that one of the new kids in my team is almost sort of like us - likes Abhishek Bachchan, drinks rum, dances only when very drunk... so we hung out together and bitched about the seedy guys in office.

It's been back to normal life and mundane existence routine since then... ZZZZZZZZZZ

- I
PS: Birthday and new year coming up. So I have been wondering if I should make a resolution to quit drinking. Or should I keep such resolutions for a later birthday?


  • actually, my mum knew Premachandra Nesakumari and VC, but I think that kinda scarring on your psyche gets transmitted genetically.

    By Blogger TeeMonkey, at 11:46 PM  

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