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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Year-end news

Year-end seems to be inspiring at least two people to make some significant changes to their lives. There's Shailu who will be mommy in a few months. It's a long-over due dream come true for someone who has been wanting a kid since the 3rd month of her marriage. 4 and a half years has been long wait... but it has finally happened. And like all things really craved for, it has happened just when she had given up hope.

Then there's Abe - mad guy, artist, design genius, sometimes-snob. The best designer I have ever worked with... At 31, his mom has finally managed to convince him that arranged marriage is not a bad option for someone whose social circle is limited to his church choir and TJ. (Yes, Umsy, TJ is still single and yummy as ever. Get back to Bangalore fast and you still might have a chance at an extra-marital fling with him)

H has inherited DK's Creative Zen Micro which might be the best distraction for her. Especially since she is attempting to quit smoking for the last 9 days. Everything possible has been done to make sure she sticks to her resolution - other than a 5 k bet, Hams has also promised to introduce her to Abhishek Bachchan if she doesn't smoke for a month (!!!!!!!!!!). If H can give up smoking to be able to meet Abhishek, I will give up eating!!!!! Hams, are you reading this??

For me though, nothing seems to be very new abt the new year. 'Happy burrday' is coming up and I have a wishlist rivalling that of H's... none of which seems even remotely possible. But what's a wishlist if it's not wishful? Will have that up in a couple of days and all you generous souls can show me how much you love me by gifting me those.

- I


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