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Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year wishlist

I wish to order a serving of single travel, garnished with a generous dose of mountains, remote valleys and a bit of interesting people and conversations. A side helping of a trip to Turkey or Bhutan would be perfect with it. That's my wishlist for 2007. Of course, last year at almost the same time had the same wishlist but two days later I surprised myself and the rest of the world by agreeing to get married. Am still surprised and wondering if we can have a recount of that particular vote?

Coming back to the present, I'm single again... well, almost. At least for a month and a half while the husband has gone to do his bit back home. The weather gods are on my side and I have been waking upto brilliant sunshine and blinding snow on the mountains. The pleasures of feeling the early morning sun (err, the sunrise in my part of the planet is around 8.30) when the thermometer reads 2 degrees is amazing. And that is the difference between living in Manali and Delhi. Give the sun with the cold with occassional of snow anyday over the endless fog and numbing chill. I have deadlines to catch up with but when the sun lasts only till 2.30, you don't want to waste any time indoors.

On a different tangent, H and I were getting nostalgic again today over mountains, our first trek, places we want to go to, places we want eachother to see, past and present relationships and our mountain madness. It is true... our infatuation with the mountains is a very personal, sacred space. The good thing is we can share it with eachother. I am living in the mountains, but the infatuation is far from worn off. She is living in the city by the sea but can rattle off more trivia about my home, the Himalayas, than anyone else I know.

A little over three years ago when I was stuck in a corporate job, a relationship that seemed to have no future and doing my getaway acts with annual treks to the Himalayas, living in the mountains was a very distant, almost impossible dream. But while I was planning other things, Life took over and here I am. And now, I have put up my dream for this year which again seems almost impossible what with work and dogs and marriage... But maybe Life will plan it out. Is Life listening?

- I


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